Preliminary Conference Schedule

“Towards a Biblical Thomism: Aquinas and the Renewal of Biblical Theology”

International Conference, Faculty of Theology, Nicolaus Copernicus University, April 24-26, 2017

Monday, April 24th

8.00 – Holly Mass in the Chapel of the Seminary of Toruń
Chair (Jörgen Vijgen, Thomas Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands)
9.00 – Introduction
9.15 – Michael Sherwin OP (University of Fribourg, Switzerland): Thomas Aquinas and the Problem of the Biblical Conception of Love
10.00 – Enrique Alarcόn (University of Pamplona, Spain): Aquinas’ Harmonization of Evangelical Morality and Philosophical Ethics
10.45 – Discussion
11.15 – Coffee Break
11.30 – Round table session (Chair: Mateusz Przanowski OP, Thomistic Institute Warsaw, Poland)

11.30 – Stefano Zamboni SCJ (Alphonsianum, Rome, Italy): Natural Law, Divine Law and Revealed Moral. Continuity and Tentions
12.15 – Cajetan Cuddy OP (The University of Fribourg, Switzerland): The Bible and Morality: Aquinas on the Natural Law
12.45 – Paul M. Rogers (Emmanuel College University of Cambridge, United Kingdom): Prophecy and the Moral Life in Thomas Aquinas’s Commentary on 1 Corinthians

13.15 – discussion
13.45 – Lunch (Faculty of Theology, room 55)
15.00-15.30 – Book Presentation (10′ each book + questions)

Michael G. Sirilla, The Ideal Bishop: Aquinas’s Commentaries on the Pastoral Epistles (Thomistic Ressourcement Series), CUA Press, Washington D.C., 2017 (presented by Jörgen Vijgen)
Wykład pierwszego listu do Tymoteusza. Super primam epistolam b. pauli ad Thimotheum lectura, red. P. Roszak, E. Alarcόn, tłum. M. Hanusek OP, Scholastica Thorunensia 2, Toruń 2016 (presented by …)

15.30-17.30 – Paper presentations (Chair: Michał Mrozek OP, Thomistic Institute Warsaw, Poland)
15.30 – Juan-Carlos Inostroza Lanas (The Catholic University of the Most Holy Conception, Chile): St. Thomas Aquinas, Martin Luther and Karl Barth to Romans 9
16.00 – Anthony Giambrone OP (The Ecole Biblique, Jerusalem, Israel): „Haec doctrina tota de gratia Christi: The Prologues to Aquinas’ Commentaries on the Letters of St. Paul”
16.30 – Piotr Goniszewski (University of Szczecin, Poland): The men redeemed or not-redeemed? The interpretation of Rom 7,14-25 in the Thomas Aquinas Super Epistolam B. Pauli ad Romanos lectura and modern exegesis
17.00 – discussion

18.00 – Concert (Centre of Dialogue, CD): Włodzimierz and Iwan Gajdyczuk: “Classics for two accordions” (Fryderyk Chopin, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Aram Khachaturian, Michał Kleofas Ogiński, Johann Strauss – father and son)
19.00 – Opening dinner (CD)

Tuesday, April 25th

Chair (Dariusz Iwański, Nicolaus Copernicus University,UMK, Toruń)
9.00 – Giuseppe De Virgilio (Pontifical University of the Holy Cross, Rome, Italy): Hermeneutics of the “Revealed Morality” in the Pontifical Biblical Commission’s Document “The Bible and Morality. Biblical Roots of Christian Conduct”
9.45 – Michele Mazzeo OFM (Antonianum, Rome, Italy): Sacredness, dignity and mystery of human life: from the Bible to our times
10.30 – Discussion
11.00 – Coffee Break
11.15 – Round table session (Chair: Jan Perszon, Nicolaus Copernicus University,UMK, Toruń)

11.15 – Mateusz Przanowski OP (Thomistic Institute Warsaw, Poland): Formam servi accipiens (Phil 2:7) or plenus gratiae et veritatis (Jn 1:14)? The apparent dilemma in Aquinas’ exegesis.
11.45 – Janusz Kręcidło (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, UKSW, Poland): Aquinas’s exegetical mastery in Super Evangelium S. Ioannis Lectura. A case study of John 21
12.15 – Jörgen Vijgen (Thomas Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands) The intelligibility of Aquinas’ account of marriage as remedium concupiscentiae in his commentary on 1 Corinthians 7:1-9

12.45 – discussion
13.15 – Lunch (Faculty of Theology, room 55)
14.30-15.00 – Book Presentations (10′ each + questions)
Matthew Levering, Pismo Święte i metafizyka. Tomasz z Akwinu i odnowa teologii trynitarnej, Poznań 2016 (presented by …)
Michele Mazzeo, La cura della vita. Bibbia e bioetica, Bologna 2015 (presented by Wojciech Pikor)

15.00-17.00 – Paper presentations – parallel in 2 groups:

Group I (Chair: Damian Dorocki, Nicolaus Copernicus University,UMK, Toruń)

15.00 – Krzysztof Bardski (Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, UKSW, Poland): „Allegoriae in universam Sacram Scripturam” attributed to Garnier of Langres as a pre-thomistic biblical summa symbolorum”
15.30 – Stefan Mangnus OP (Tilburg School of Catholic Theology/Thomas Institute, Utrecht, Netherlands): Reading one Gospel in three ways
16.00 – Joseph Arias (Christendom College, Alexandria, Virginia, USA): “Justifying Abraham: The Fruits of Saint Thomas’s Favorable Reading of the Patriarchs Revisited in Light of Magisterial and Canonical Sources”
16.30 – discussion

Group II (Chair: Jan Wółkowski, Nicolaus Copernicus University, UMK, Toruń)
15.00 – Mirosław Mróz (Nicolaus Copernicus University, UMK, Toruń): “Be Strong in the Lord” (Eph 6:10). The Role of the Virtue of Fortitude in Christian Life in the Light of the Commentary on the Epistle to the Ephesians by St. Thomas Aquinas
15.30 – Michał Mrozek OP (Thomistic Institute Warsaw, Poland): How Aquinas Reads the Scripture in relation to Aristotle’s Philosophy in the Treatise on the Habitus (Summa Theologiae, 1-2, q. 49-70)?
16.00 – Andrzej Kubanowski (Nicolaus Copernicus University, UMK, Toruń): The Traces of Aquinas’s Theology of the Church in his Commentary on Ephesians
16.30 – discussion

17.00 Guided Tour – Medieval Toruń

Wednesday, April 26th

Chair (Janusz Kręcidło, Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw, UKSW, Poland)
9.00 – Matthew Levering (Mundelein Seminary, Illinois, USA) The Context of Christ’s Resurrection: The Old Testament in Aquinas’s Commentary on John 20-21
9.45 – Paweł Krupa OP (Thomistic Institute, Warsaw, Poland) The four meanings of the Bible: a classical tool in the hands of St. Thomas Aquinas
10.30 – Discussion
11.00 – Coffee Break/ Finger food
11.15 – Round table session (Chair: Piotr Roszak, Nicolaus Copernicus University, UMK, Toruń)

11.15 – Michael G. Sirilla (Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio, USA): The Theological and Pastoral Purposes of Aquinas’s Biblical Commentaries
11.45 – Marian Hanusek OP: Les défis et les devoirs des supérieurs de l’Eglise dans le Commentaire de la Première Epître à Timothée
12.15 – Marcin Trepczyński (University of Warsaw, Poland): Aquinas’ exegesis of Ps. 50 as a tool of Christian education?
12.45 – Dariusz Iwański (Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland): The wise reading of Job – Aquinas vs. modern exegetes

13.15 – discussion + Plenary session/discussion
14.30 – Lunch and End of Conference